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woman doing yoga outside in front of laptop, feeling great after taking weight loss medication in Arkansas


Find Effective Weight Loss Medication in Arkansas

It’s no secret; losing weight is difficult. Weight gain can even happen without you realizing it. You buy two donuts instead of one, you swap the salad for fries, and you skip a workout every week. Before you know it, you’ve gained ten pounds.

Your clothes fit a little tighter, and you can’t walk upstairs without getting out of breath. Lots of us snack unconsciously or when we’re bored, but those small concessions add up. And in the modern day, when it’s easier to find processed food (and harder to find fresh produce), losing weight can seem like an almost insurmountable challenge.

At Renew Aesthetics, we’d like to treat a modern problem with a modern solution. Thanks to weight loss medication in Arkansas, you can curb a seemingly unending appetite so you can focus on your goals. Don’t give up on a swimsuit-ready body! Take the steps to make a healthy lifestyle just a little bit easier.

Renew Aesthetics

Renew knows the power of appearances. Lots of us want to enhance our features, and losing weight is a natural, health-conscious method for looking your best.

A picture of Renew, a place to try weight loss medication in Arkansas

We believe in giving our patients options. So we’ve made sure to offer multiple weight loss medications. No one’s body is quite the same, so no medication will be effective for everyone. But thanks to our variety of products, we’ve made it easier to customize a treatment plan so you can see noticeable weight loss results.

Our Supplements

We offer multiple types of weight loss medication in Arkansas. It’s important to note that none of these supplements are a catch-all solution to stop weight gain, but they are a valuable weight loss tool when combined with a good diet and exercise.


Contrive is the first of our medications. This injectable is designed to help combat obesity in adults. Studies have shown that it can help users feel fuller and more energetic. 


When taken once weekly, Tirezepatide can be an effective weight reduction tool for adults. In one study, over 89% of patients receiving 10 or 15 mg doses saw a 5% decrease in total body weight!


Phentermine is a commonly used weight loss medication. This medication works by not only reducing your appetite, but also by helping you feel fuller after you do eat.


Semaglutide is a popular medication prescribed for patients with type-2 diabetes, but it can also be used for weight loss. Like our other kinds of weight loss medication in Arkansas, semaglutide works by treating an overactive appetite, removing the compulsion to overeat.

A Healthy Lifestyle

These supplements can be a great way to keep yourself honest after a workout or a week of healthy eating. Lots of people find themselves cheating on their diets after a particularly difficult day. But you don’t want to undo all of your hard work, so with the help of one of our supplements, you can reduce your appetite so you won’t feel the same compulsion to eat.

Of course, you still need to eat, so we’ll recommend a dosage that can help regulate your eating habits. You can’t outrun a bad diet, so use our supplements to stick to your dietary goals.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

We want to offer our patients options, and with all the different kinds of weight loss medication in Arkansas, you can take the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

If you think you could benefit from one of our weight loss supplements, then take a look at our virtual consultation tool. It’s easy to complete, and it can get us started on deciding which weight loss medication in Arkansas could be right for you.

Complete a virtual consultation now

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