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Lose Weight With Semaglutide in Rogers

We’ve all been there. You wake up, walk over to the scale, and step on. You watch as the number climbs up, higher than you’ve ever seen it before. You look in the mirror and realize you need to lose weight. But deciding to do something and actually doing it are two different things altogether.

Every year, it seems like there’s some new diet or exercise craze sweeping the nation. But no matter the health trend, you can’t seem to lose any weight. And all this time, the number on your scale goes higher. At Renew Aesthetics, we can offer you a weight loss solution with semaglutide in Rogers.

One of the reasons so many of us seem to have trouble losing weight is because of our appetites. You can jog, stretch, and lift weights all day long, but that extra piece of chocolate cake may undo your progress. And while many of us want to close the refrigerator door and stop eating, we can’t.

An overactive appetite could be the result of a mental health condition, or maybe you just like a midnight snack! But if we could somehow turn off our own appetites, we could make a lot more progress. Well, with semaglutide in Rogers, all it takes is a few simple injections to keep your appetite in check.

Get Help With Renew Aesthetics

Renew Aesthetics is a premium med spa in Rogers, Arkansas. We know that appearances are important, so we want to do everything possible to help you look your best.

Renew aesthetics, a great place to receive semaglutide treatments in Rogers

We offer all kinds of different aesthetic treatments, ranging from waxing, peels, facials, injectables, and more! We understand that a big part of many of our patients’ insecurities stem from their weight, so we wanted to offer a solution.

When you meet with our team, we’ll take every step to ensure that the process is as smooth and convenient as possible. We think aesthetic care should be fun.

We’ve noticed that the modern aesthetics industry has prioritized speed above all else. They care more about seeing as many patients as possible, rather than ensuring that the patient is satisfied with their treatment.

So we’re sure to take things slowly. We’ll discuss your options and give you a chance to ask all the questions you want. Aesthetic treatments go smoother when a patient is confident in the viability of the procedure. And after your treatment is complete, we’ll be sure to outline aftercare processes. We won’t shove you out the door, leaving you to wonder about your next steps.

Introducing Semaglutide!

So, we’ve identified an overactive appetite as one of the potential causes of your weight gain. 

You may think a new diet or workout routine could be the solution, and those could be good ideas. But first, let’s take a look at semaglutide in Rogers, a rising star in the aesthetics weight loss industry.

Semaglutide in Rogers is a once-weekly injection designed to curb your appetite. That’s right—with the help of a small injection, you’ll actually want to eat less.

You might be skeptical; after all, how can a shot change your behavior? But the science is sound! Allow us to give you a short crash course on how semaglutide works.

The Science Behind Semaglutide

The objective of a semaglutide treatment is to, in a way, trick your brain into thinking that you’re full, and we can do this by utilizing your body’s natural processes.

A semaglutide injection mimics the effects of a peptide called GLP-1. A peptide is a chain of acids called amino acids. This chain is bound by chemical bonds. The body releases the GLP-1 peptide after you eat, and this lets the brain know that your hunger is sated.

But thanks to semaglutide in Rogers, you don’t need to eat to feel full. Your brain will think you’ve eaten, even when you haven’t, which will allow you to maintain a lower caloric intake.

Before Your Injections

We don’t offer semaglutide injections to anyone who walks through the door. We want to make sure that this treatment is your best chance at losing weight and staying healthy. As a result, we’ll be sure to complete an in-depth consultation with each and every one of our patients. The consultation is an important part of what we do.

A consultation for semaglutide in Rogers

We don’t want to prescribe you a treatment that isn’t tailored to your condition. Too often, medical providers will do everything they can to get their patients to commit to a treatment that they don’t need. But our priority is your health and well-being.

First, we’ll ask you about why you’ve come to our clinic in the first place. We’ll also complete a routine physical, so we can get to know your condition firsthand. This way, we can get a better idea of what you need. All of our treatment plans are entirely customized, so your plan will be entirely unique to you. 

How can I prepare for my Semaglutide treatment?

Once we decide that you could be a good candidate for semaglutide in Rogers, we’ll set up an appointment date. Some of our other treatments might require minor preparation, but not semaglutide. It’s a simple procedure, so you won’t have to worry about anything besides showing up on time!

The Procedure

On the day of your procedure for semaglutide in Rogers, we’ll escort you to one of our treatment areas. The procedure itself is extremely simple and takes the form of a single injection, like a flu shot.

For continual results, you should get a semaglutide injection once a week. During the procedure, a member of our team will explain how you can complete the treatment yourself.

If you’re uncomfortable around needles and aren’t sure about the idea of performing your own injections, that’s totally fine! We can schedule a weekly injection appointment. We’re happy to help.


We do outline an extensive aftercare program for any of our patients that sign up for semaglutide in Rogers.

It’s important to note that semaglutide injections will not solve a weight problem on their own. If you don’t change your behavior, you may find that you still gain weight, even with your weekly injection. That’s why we are sure to outline a diet and exercise plan to help you lose weight and keep the weight off.

Weight loss happens through hard work, commitment, and—most importantly—knowledge. We want to educate our patients so they can take the necessary steps to improve their health.

Side Effects

You won’t have to worry about any serious side effects with semaglutide in Rogers. Semaglutide is a legitimate weight loss supplement, but like any supplement, there are a few minor side effects to look out for.

You may notice some minor stomach aches, like nausea, burping, gas, or constipation. But this is just your body’s initial reaction to the semaglutide treatment. You should find that these symptoms will lessen week to week.

If you have any concerns about your side effects with semaglutide, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about your plan.

Alternate Treatment Options

If we decide that semaglutide in Rogers isn’t right for you, don’t worry. We still have lots of different options for weight loss medication. These options include: 

  • Contrive
  • Phentermine
  • Tirezepatide

Like semaglutide, all of these treatments can help you crave less food and stay satiated.

We want all of our patients to understand that they have choices when they meet with us, so if you have any questions about alternative weight loss treatments at our clinic, be sure to ask about them during your initial consultation.

We can go over the pros and cons of each treatment option, so you can get a better idea of why we prescribe certain plans.

Weight Loss Program

Aside from semaglutide in Rogers, we offer more resources for those looking to lose weight. In this plan, we have four tiers of weight loss solutions. We will work to help you understand why you’re having trouble losing weight, then we will design a treatment plan to help you combat those specific behaviors and triggers.

A woman goes to Renew to try semaglutide in Rogers

Effective weight loss is more than a single injection, diet, or workout routine. We have to combine multiple different techniques and psychological practices to make the weight loss process more effective. Read more about our four tiers so you can see what will appeal most to your individual needs.

Renew Essentials

The first tier of our weight loss program is Renew Essentials. This tier is our most basic plan, and it includes a prescription for an oral weight loss medication, personalized workout and diet recommendations, and two weigh-ins every month. This can provide you with a great foundation to begin your weight loss journey. 

Renew Standard

The Renew Standard plan includes everything from the Essentials tier, but this time, you’ll receive a weekly B-12 injection as well!

Renew Premium 

The Renew Premium tier includes weight loss injections, two weigh-ins every month, personalized workout and diet recommendations, and weekly B-12 injections. 

Renew Elite

Renew Elite contains the same features as the Premium tier, but it also includes the Emsculpt NEO Discounted Package. You’ll also have the choice between two free Emtone or Emsella treatments.

Lose Weight With Renew

Tired of seeing the number on your scale go up? We have lots of options to help you cut weight, including semaglutide in Rogers. We know how frustrating it can be to not like what you see in the mirror, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving your confidence with aesthetic treatments.

You can start right now. Just open our virtual consultation tool and answer a few questions about yourself. From there, we can get started on your custom plan.

Complete a virtual consultation now

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