b12 injections in Rogers

B12 & Lipo B Shots

The perfect upgrade to your weight loss routine. 

Take your weight loss to the next level.

Our B12 and Lipo B injections at Renew Aesthetics boost your metabolism, helping you shed that hard-to-lose fat.

Vitamin B-12 promotes:

  • DNA production
  • Healthy body and brain function
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Red blood cell production

Along with an exercise and diet plan, vitamin B12 is the perfect addition to your weight loss regime.

When you get B12 shots, a water soluble vitamin, it increases the metabolism in your cells.

Not only does that help weight management, it can also increase your metabolism, leading to more weight loss. Our B12 injections in Rogers are also great for vegans and vegetarians.

Since vitamin B12 is found in animal products (meat and dairy), vegans and vegetarians may have a deficiency.

How it Works


The Consultation

Before scheduling an appointment, meet with one of our medical professionals for a free consultation, and we’ll determine if B12 shots are right for you. During that time, we’ll talk to you about your weight loss goals or any deficiencies you may have. We also have customized weight loss programs that pair great with B12 and Lipo B shots. 

The Treatment

Based on your specific needs, we’ll create an injection plan. Most of our patients come in weekly for shots, but some may require two shots a week. One of our medical professionals will administer the injection in an area with subcutaneous fat. This may include the arms, stomach, thighs, or buttocks. 


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