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Sclerotherapy in Rogers


Goodbye for good spider veins

It's time to get back to showing off your legs.

Sclerotherapy in Rogers eliminates those small, thread-like veins in a quick 30-minute process. By injecting a solution directly into the skin, sclerotherapy destroys unwanted shades of red, blue, and purple that come with spider and smaller varicose veins to reveal the smooth, even skin you’ve always wanted! 

Spider veins are extremely common.

In fact, at least one-third of the female population suffer from the condition. Fortunately, the sclerotherapy solution causes those veins to scar. 

That means blood has to turn to healthier veins, and the nearby tissue absorbs collapsed veins. The injection needles are so small that they can easily target specific areas.

Within weeks, spider veins vanish, though larger veins make take a few months. For optimal results, you may need multiple treatments to ensure we properly treat all of your veins. 

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The Consultation

Before getting Sclerotherapy in Rogers, meet with one of our medical professionals for a free consultation. We see patients from Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and other communities of Northwest Arkansas as well. We’ll examine your skin and veins then create a custom plan for your injections. All of our patients are different, so we take time to understand your unique goals and needs. The number of injections and treatments will vary from person to person. 

The Treatment

After thoroughly cleaning your legs, we will inject the Sclerotherapy solution into your veins. You may feel a slight prick, but you won’t require a local anesthetic to remain comfortable. The solution irritates the vein, forcing it to swell and block blood flow. The process takes no longer than an hour. Most patients are done within 30 minutes. 

The Results

After your procedure, you’ll want to move around to promote blood flow to your legs. To make sure you gain the best results, wear compression bandages for two weeks following your Sclerotherapy treatment. As the weeks pass, you notice your legs becoming clearer, and your skin tone will become more even. Often times, Sclerotherapy in Rogers can ease symptoms that come with spider veins such as itching, aching, heaviness, and night cramps. 


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