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Brow tinting in Rogers, Arkansas

Brow Tinting

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Brow tinting in Rogers, Arkansas at Renew Aesthetics can do just that! No longer will you have to spend your mornings filling out your brows or wait for slow-acting growth serums. 

Our semi-permanent dye helps to enhance thin and sparse brows to give you the results you’ve been looking for.

It can be hard to get the perfect shape on your own, especially with temporary gels and pencils. 

Our brow tinting treatment at Renew Aesthetics makes having great brows easier than ever. We cater our semi-permanent dye to your specific skin tone and hair color so that you get a natural look every time.

Plus, if you’ve noticed your eyebrows thinning as you age, brow tinting can help you look years younger in just 15 minutes!



The Consultation

Before scheduling brow tinting in Rogers, Arkansas, meet with one of our brow specialists for a free consultation. Many patients from neighboring communities of Rogers visit us also, like Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Springdale. We’ll talk about how you want your brows to look, the shape you want, and find the best color match for you. Our goal is to give you natural, beautiful brows you’ll be proud to show off. 

The Treatment

We’ll first clean the area and apply a jelly to avoid staining your skin. After mixing the dye, we’ll first apply it in the direction of your brows then in the opposite direction to add fullness. The dye remains on for a few minutes to penetrate the skin, then we wipe it way and you’re good to go with gorgeous brows! 


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Brow Tint in Rogers

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