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clear leg skin from sclerotherapy injections in Rogers


How Our Sclerotherapy Injections in Rogers Can Clear Away Cosmetic Leg Veins

Spider or small varicose veins on your legs can make you feel self-conscious and cause you to feel restricted with certain types of clothing. You shouldn’t have to worry about hiding or covering up your skin to feel more comfortable, especially in warmer weather. 

We offer a fantastic treatment option for cosmetic leg veins to clear them away: sclerotherapy injections. In Rogers Arkansas at Renew Aesthetics, we serve the community and surrounding areas for many skin procedures. Keep reading to learn more about this procedure to clear leg veins

How It Works | Sclerotherapy Injections in Rogers

Sclerotherapy is one of our cosmetic vein treatments in Rogers at Renew for both cosmetic varicose veins and spider veins. It eliminates those small, thread-like veins on your body in a quick 30-minute process. 

Sclerotherapy works by injecting a solution directly into the skin to destroy unwanted shades of red, blue, and purple that come with spider and smaller varicose veins to reveal the smooth, even skin you’ve always wanted! 

Procedure process

After sanitizing your legs before treatment, your provider will inject the sclerotherapy solution into your veins. You will feel a slight prick, but there is no local anesthetic required for pain. The process takes no longer than 1 hour; we complete most procedures in 30 minutes!

Once injected, the solution then works to irritate the vein and forces it to swell and block blood flow to clear your skin.

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Aftercare and results

After your sclerotherapy, you will need to move your legs around to promote blood flow. For the best results, wear compression bandages for 2 weeks after the treatment. As the weeks go by, you’ll notice clearer skin! Often sclerotherapy helps improve other symptoms that come with spider veins like itching, aching, heaviness, and night cramps.

Get the best sclerotherapy injections in Rogers at Renew Aesthetics!

Whether you’re looking to treat cosmetic veins on your face or legs, or needing to find out if there is a more significant issue, both Renew Aesthetics and Ozark Regional Vein Center have you covered! 

We offer sclerotherapy injections for cosmetic vein issues on the legs and Excel® V laser for the face to improve the appearance of spider veins, rosacea, telangiectasia, hemangiomas, and other skin pigment and cosmetic vein concerns. 

Book a skin consultation with one of our specialists to learn more about treatment options for you. We treat every patient as an individual, with customized treatment plans tailored to your personal needs and goals. Renew Aesthetics serves patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including Rogers, Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond.

Contact us online or by phone at 479.668.0168, to learn more about our skin services at Renew Aesthetics. 

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