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Can You Have a Good Facelift Without Surgery in Rogers?

Whether you’ve been planning to have a facelift for a while, or only recently made your decision, the team at Renew Aesthetics at Pinnacle Point offers alternatives. 

What does that mean? It means you could have a decent facelift without surgery in Roger. Through specific combinations of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, Renew Aesthetics in northwest Arkansas could give you a “lift” without the scarring, the pain, the cost, and the long recovery time. 

Read on to understand your options for safe, non-surgical alternatives at Renew Aesthetics.

Your Options for a Facelift Without Surgery in Rogers

To start any treatment plan, we’ll schedule a consultation to understand your facelift goals, your medical history, and to examine the treatment areas.

With that important data in hand, we can recommend procedures singly or in concert with other procedures. All of these options offer excellent results.


The Infini treatment helps patients address wrinkles, lines, and mild scarring. Infini’s RF microneedling technology works by penetrating the skin with extremely small needles. When they reach the second layer of the skin, RF energy transfers heat to the cells. 

The micro-injuries and thermal events activate the body’s natural healing response, boosting collagen production. In turn, the skin becomes tighter and wrinkles are minimized.

Because the Infini treatment is highly customizable, each patient’s treatment will be unique to their concerns. 


Kybella treatment involves an injectable solution designed to completely eliminate double chins. 

It works in an extremely simple way. Kybella’s composition includes deoxycholic acid, a naturally occuring substance in your body that assists in fat absorption. Your Renew Aesthetics provider will inject the Kybella into pre-mapped spots under your chin. This is where submental fat gathers to form your double-chin, and alter the balance of your facial features.

Whether the double-chin is caused by weight gain, aging, or other reasons, Kybella gives you a great surgical alternative that gives your lower face a lifted look. 

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LaseMD functions in many ways like the Infini procedure. It too works by creating tiny incisions in the skin to stimulate collagen production. But instead of using microneedling to create the micro injuries, LaseMD incises the skin using a laser.

And like Infini, LaseMD treats loose, wrinkly skin along with several other skin texture issues. It can help with scarring, sun damage, and even acne. LaseMD is one of our best, most powerful tools for clearer skin. 

Within a few weeks after the procedure is finished, your skin will be healthier than it was when you came in, helping you achieve a facelift without surgery in Rogers.

Excel V

If you’re looking for clearer, more evenly toned skin, Excel V might just be your best choice. Excel V is a dual-wavelength vascular and rosacea laser treatment. 

The simple procedure requires you to sit back and relax. A Renew Aesthetics provider will run a special applicator over the skin on your face. The Excel V device delivers laser energy that destroys atypical blood vessels in the face..

Once finished, this safe procedure obliterates the abnormal blood vessels for more even skin tone in their face.

Legend Pro

The Legend Pro belongs to the same group as the Infini and the LaseMD treatments. Using a laser to create imperceptible channels in the patient’s skin, the Legend Pro forces the skin to begin the healing process. In doing so, skin becomes healthier, clearer, and more elastic. The skin will behave like it’s younger, because, well, it will be younger.

And like the other treatments, the Legend Pro is a completely safe procedure, operated by our highly trained staff. 

Can you actually get a facelift without surgery in Rogers?

The answer is a resounding yes. Renew Aesthetics, your medical spa in Rogers, offers several non-surgical alternatives for clearer, healthier skin. We have choices that provide the utmost safety and quality, and can be combined with other procedures for all the great lift results with none of the scalpels.

Find Out More About Renew Aesthetics

Contact us for more information about services. We promise our consultation can give your day a “lift.”

Enjoy our virtual consultation tool in the comfort of your own home, and see all the non-surgical avenues to address your aesthetic concerns. 

Get a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience that you won’t find anywhere else in NWA. Come to Renew Aesthetics at Pinnacle Point.


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