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A nurse uses emtone, the best cellulite treatment machine in Rogers


Emtone: Best Cellulite Treatment Machine in Rogers

Renew Aesthetics began offering cellulite treatments in Rogers because we saw its potential. The results are very exciting, and the procedure itself is extremely convenient for our customers.

We think it’s the best cellulite treatment machine in Rogers for a reason, and it can solve an issue that many people struggle with. Cellulite is a very common affliction, and Emtone can significantly reduce it after 6 treatments. But some people might find that hard to believe.

To some, Emtone seems like the kind of get-fit-quick product you might see on a late-night infomercial. But Emtone is based in science, and it’s a legitimate, FDA-approved product. To understand how Emtone treatment works and why it’s the best cellulite treatment machine in Rogers, let’s first learn why cellulite itself forms.


Surprisingly enough, despite how common cellulite is all over the world, the causes behind it are not well-documented. We can’t be totally sure why cellulite forms on the body, but we do have a basic idea.

It likely involves the dermatological layer of the skin, which lies just below the top layer. Beneath that sits a layer of fat. The fat is connected to the dermatological layer through vertical connective tissue, which allows the fat to be highly visible, manifesting through dimples in the skin. This is what gives cellulite its distinctive appearance.

Men, however, don’t have vertical connective tissue. Cellulite is far less common in men than women, and this is likely the reason for that discrepancy.

Explaining Emtone

Emtone treats at a deep level, working to create smooth, dimple-free skin. Emtone works with a combination of 2 technologies: radiofrequency energy(otherwise known as RF) and targeted pressure energy.. Neither of these energies would be as effective without the other.

Emtone is effective because both RF and TPE are able to stimulate the growth of a necessary protein, collagen.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that helps the skin grow. It also gives the skin an elastic, younger-seeming appearance. The body is supposed to create collagen on its own, but unfortunately, as we get older, our collagen production rapidly decreases. Emtone helps the body create collagen at a much higher rate.

RF Energy

RF stands for radiofrequency, which is a new aesthetics technology that can help tighten skin and show substantial results. In simplest terms, RF energy works by using heat to stimulate collagen growth. 


TPE stands for targeted pressure energy. Working in conjunction with RF energy, TPE is actually quite similar to RF. Whereas RF energy repairs the skin with thermal energy, TPE induces collagen production with mechanical energy.

Alternatives to Emtone

We strongly believe that Emtone is the best cellulite treatment machine in Rogers. Because of this, we don’t offer alternative treatments for cellulite. However, our team knows all about aesthetic technology, so if you have any concerns about Emtone, that’s just fine with us. We’ll address your worries, and if you’re still unsure about the treatment, we can think of any other options you might have to reduce cellulite.

There’s no singular treatment that’s effective for everyone, so it’s vital that we be flexible with our clients’ objections. We will work to find a treatment plan that will satisfy you.

Try Emtone for Yourself

Renew Aesthetic could not be more thrilled with Emtone treatments. We understand the science behind Emtone’s methods, and we certainly think it’s the best cellulite treatment machine in Rogers. You might benefit from it as well. Schedule a consultation with us, and we can let you know about your best options for receiving an Emtone treatment fast.

A practitioner discusses Emtone, the best cellulite treatment machine in Rogers

You can also complete a virtual consultation with our online tool. This is a handy way to give us more information about your body and aesthetic concerns. We’ll review this virtual consultation and let you know if Emtone is your best option for eliminating cellulite.

Begin Your Virtual Consultation

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