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man with male body contouring


The Best Treatments for Male Body Contouring

Oftentimes men have different body contouring goals than women. While both men and women oftentimes are looking for abdominal contouring, other common areas of concern for male body contouring are the chest and flanks. Below are great treatment options for men looking to contour parts of the body through muscle toning, fat reduction, and skin tightening. 

Emsculpt® and Emsculpt Neo® 

Emsculpt® and Emsculpt Neo® are great for toning your abdomen as well as your calves, thighs, arms, and buttocks. They both use high-intensity electromagnetic energy to cause supramaximal contractions in the muscle area. These contractions deliver exercise on a massive scale, up to 20,000 contractions in a 30 minute session, which is an impossible feat through voluntary exercise. The result is increased muscle mass and strength.

The difference between the two is that Emsculpt Neo® tones the muscle in this way and burns fat through radiofrequency. You basically get two treatments in one with Emsculpt Neo®!

If you are only looking to tone up your muscles to boost them and increase performance, Emsculpt is for you. If you’re looking to sculpt your muscle and reduce fat, Emsculpt Neo® is a great option for you!


Vanquish uses a high-frequency energy field to target and destroy unwanted fat cells. It works by selective thermal heating of the treatment area to deliver fat reduction. Vanquish is non-invasive and painless. Unlike other body contouring treatments, the device panel targets large sections of fat rather than small ones.

Vanquish is great for targeting fat reduction on love handles, muffin Top, or bulging waistlines.


A new addition to our abdominal contouring procedures is BodyTite, a minimally invasive body contouring procedure. This non-surgical treatment is administered by a physician (our own Dr. Kevin Haney 😊 ). 

BodyTite uses radiofrequency to remodel tissue and cause lipolysis (fat reduction). It results in body contouring and skin tightening through contraction of the skin, as well as fat loss! It works great for chest contouring and abdominal contouring, as well as other body zones. 

Visit us at Renew Aesthetics for male body contouring in Rogers, AR!

Not sure which male body contouring treatment would work best for you? Meet with one of our specialists for a free consultation at Renew Aesthetics. We can perform an examination and discuss your body contouring goals. From this discussion, we’ll create a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to you! You can also check out our guide on body contouring for an overview of all of our body contouring treatments.

We’re located in Rogers, and we serve patients in Northwest Arkansas from Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond. Contact us at 479.668.0168 or schedule an appointment with us online today! 


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