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How Botox Injections for Sweating Work [And Why We Prefer miraDry]

A clinically proven treatment for hyperhidrosis in the underarms is Botox®️. You may know Botox®️  for its cosmetic use, but its success as a treatment for excessive armpit sweating is significant. 

We can inject Botox®️ to treat axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in the underarms) when topicals like antiperspirants aren’t enough. 

It is a neurotoxin, which is an effective treatment that temporarily paralyzes muscles, and it can also treat neuromuscular conditions. It treats excessive sweating by blocking the nerves that stimulate your glands to produce sweat and odor. 

Benefits of Botox®️ injections for sweating

Clinically proven results

84 out of 104 treated patients (81%) achieved greater than 50% reduction in sweating. After one treatment, patients experienced drier underarms for up to 201 days.

Quick procedure

You can get this excessive sweating treatment quickly with most of our treatments taking 15 to 20 minutes. This makes it an easy treatment to work into your busy schedule. 

Learn more about hyperhidrosis treatments at Renew.

Improved comfort

You’ll feel better in any type of fabric and clothing style with reduced underarm sweat. You will also feel great without the worry about underarm sweat stains. 

Why Renew uses miraDry® exclusively to treat excessive underarm sweat.

We believe that a long-term treatment is best when it comes to treating hyperhidrosis. While Botox®️ can be a great short-term option, we find that its cost effectiveness is unparalleled in comparison to miraDry®. miraDry® is a an amazing long-term treatment because it actually gets rid of some of the sweat and odor glands instead of temporarily blocking the nerves that stimulate these glands.

Meet Renew Aesthetics

Located in Rogers, we’re a premier medical spa serving patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including Springdale, Bentonville, Fayetteville, and beyond. We love to help people look good and feel good.

Contact us at 479.668.0168 or schedule a free consultation for underarm Botox®️ injections for sweating with us online today! 

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