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A woman receives TriLift Near Bentonville


Your Top Choice for Facial Contouring Near Bentonville, AR

Everyone loves smooth, firm skin. But unfortunately, you can’t hide from wrinkles forever. A number of different factors may contribute to the formation of wrinkles, including sun damage and smoking.

The body’s collagen and elastin (two proteins that contribute to healthy skin texture) levels lessen naturally over time, leading to skin that droops and folds. But because we understand how wrinkles form, we also understand how to combat them.

With the help of our team at Renew Aesthetics, you can erase stubborn wrinkles. You can experience results you never thought possible—you just need facial contouring near Bentonville, AR.

How It Works

Facial contouring is an exciting med spa treatment designed to rejuvenate your appearance. The treatment works by stimulating the growth of those aforementioned skin-strengthening proteins, elastin and collagen. We have a variety of different facial contouring options, including:


Exilis Ultra

Legend Pro


These treatments used specialized energies, like radiofrequency, to stimulate the healing process in the skin. When the healing process begins, an influx of proteins like collagen appears in the treatment area.

This results in stronger, healthier, younger-looking skin. The facial contouring process is so effective because it uses the body’s own processes to its advantage.

The Treatment

After an initial consultation, we’ll schedule your treatment for facial contouring near Bentonville, AR. The facial contouring treatment is simple and noninvasive.

The length of your treatment will largely depend on your specific condition and treatment goals. At Renew, we want to ensure that your treatment is custom-fit for your needs. No two treatments are exactly alike.

You should not feel any substantial pain or irritation during your procedure, but if your facial contouring treatment is particularly intensive, then we will provide you with a local anesthesia. We believe no one should have to suffer to receive the aesthetic treatment they need.

The Recovery

As with the treatment itself, your recovery may change depending on your treatment plan. You may notice some side effects following the completion of your facial contouring procedure.

One of the most common side effects is a bit of redness in the treatment area. This is to be expected, and it should abate soon.

Additionally, you should probably avoid applying makeup for at least 2 hours after your treatment. At Renew, we walk you through the recovery process—you’ll never feel as if you’re on your own.

Your provider will give you personalized post-op instructions so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Find Your Perfect Treatment

Are you interested in scheduling a treatment for facial contouring near Bentonville, AR? Wondering which of our treatment options is right for you?

The place for TriLift Near Bentonville

Complete a virtual consultation with our custom online tool, which makes the consultation process easier than ever. All you’ll need to do is answer a few basic questions about your symptoms and your conditions.

Once the consultation is complete, we can send you a personalized treatment recommendation to suit your needs. Don’t resign yourself to wrinkly, aged skin—feel proud about the way you look.

Complete a virtual consultation today.


Virtual Consultation

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