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performing laser hair removal near Bentonville


Best Laser Hair Removal Near Bentonville: How To Get the Best Results

Unwanted body hair is something both men and women face! If you were born with naturally dark, coarse hair, it is time-consuming and difficult to get smooth skin. Unwanted hair can affect your clothing choices, confidence, and comfort 😓 Basic hair removal methods mean hair comes back, and this is why knowing how to get the best laser hair removal results is so popular! 

Below, our laser specialists in Northwest Arkansas at Renew Aesthetics cover everything to know about pre and post laser hair removal so you can achieve the best results.

First off, what exactly is laser hair removal? 

In a nutshell, laser hair removal targets hair pigment (melanin) in the bulb of the hair follicle. When your hair follicles absorb the light, the energy converts to heat, destroying the growth centers inside. That means you get long-term results with little to no pain! Once this happens, hair can no longer grow. Laser hair removal effectively eliminates 80 to 90% of hair in treated areas. 

laser hair removal handpiece at Renew Aesthetics

What to do before laser hair removal for the best results

Determine if you’re a good candidate

This is probably the most important step! Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for laser hair removal, though there have been advancements in laser technology. Laser hair removal targets the pigment in the hair follicle. If your hair is a color other than brown or black, the laser may be “colorblind” to your hair and unable to zap the follicle. Ideal laser hair removal candidates have dark-colored hair. If you’re not sure if you’re a candidate, schedule a consultation with a provider to find out!

Because laser hair removal targets pigment, this also means that not every laser is safe for dark skin tones. They risk targeting melanin in the skin instead of melanin in the hair follicle, damaging the skin. 

At Renew, we use the Lumenis LightSheer®. This laser hair removal device is safe for all skin types because it uses different wavelengths to treat different skin tones!

Prepare for the cost of laser hair removal

Though there are a lot of deals and coupons available for laser hair removal, low-price can sometimes be low-quality 😣 There are several factors that go into the price of laser hair removal. For many people, it’s an investment.

The size of your treatment areas

Large areas like the legs or back will cost more than small areas like the underarms. If you are on a budget but want to reduce hair permanently, we recommend starting with your smallest treatment areas!

How many laser hair removal sessions you’ll need

Depending on the density and thickness of your hair, how many treatment sessions you’ll need for your desired results varies. Since hair grows in cycles, everyone needs multiple treatment sessions but the amount will depend on the individual. You can find out the number of sessions needed with a consultation!

Technology of your provider

There are a lot of laser hair removal devices on the market, and they vary in quality. The best laser hair removal technology will likely cost more because the machine costs the provider more to offer it as a high-quality service.

Get your treatments during the best time of year ❄️

Just like laser skin resurfacing, fall and winter are the best time for laser hair removal. This is because you are much less likely to be spending time outside during these months. Laser treatments make your skin much more sensitive to the sun, and you can’t have sunburned or tanned skin for these treatments (more on that below!).

Stay out of the sun + don’t have a suntan or artificial tan

As mentioned earlier, the laser targets pigment in your skin to find and zap away your hair follicle. If your skin is burnt, suntanned, or artificially tanned with products, it will mess with the laser’s ability to effectively target your hair. This could waste your time and money, so make sure your skin is its natural color to get the best laser hair removal results! 

Shave before your appointment, but don’t wax, tweeze, or use any other hair removal methods 🚫

Tweezing, waxing, or depilatories can mess with your natural hair growth cycle, and we don’t want that when we’re in the middle of your treatment plan with laser hair removal! What you need to do before each appointment is shave the hair in the treatment area(s). This is so the laser targets the hair follicle and not the overgrown hair. This will help you achieve the best results possible!

What to do after laser hair removal

You will have multiple treatment sessions with laser hair removal. Below are some tips to get the best laser hair removal results after each session 👇

Do not shave right after or mess with your skin

Your skin will be somewhat sensitive immediately afterward, so don’t cause any irritation by shaving, scratching, or generally messing with your skin. Leave it be for a day or two!

Avoid exfoliating and irritating skin products

Your skin will feel extra sensitive, so don’t irritate it further by using exfoliating scrubs, scented perfumes, or other products that could cause a reaction for a couple days. Once your skin has calmed down, you can use your regular products.

Protect your skin from the sun

This is incredibly important! Hopefully, you are getting your treatments in preparation for summer during the fall and winter, so it’s easier to stay indoors after your treatments. Either way, you should use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher on any skin that comes directly in contact with the sun. You should also physically cover your treated skin with clothing to keep it protected.

Follow 👏 your 👏 treatment 👏 plan 👏

This sounds like a no-brainer, but because your hair grows in cycles, we want to catch it at the right time. If you miss appointments, it can impact the effectiveness of your laser hair removal and could even void progress. We typically schedule each session 4 to 6 weeks apart. Stick to your treatment plan, and you’ll see the best results!

Treatment process

consultation for laser hair removal near Bentonville at Renew Aesthetics


Before your laser hair removal treatment, you’ll meet with one of our medical professionals for a free consultation. We’ll examine your unwanted hair, specifically its tone, texture, and thickness. This is so we can cater your treatment to your goals for laser hair removal.


We use only the best technology for our laser hair removal treatments. Computer-guided programming automates the process, so your treatment is quick, efficient, and optimized for you. 

Pulses of light penetrate your skin to destroy hair follicles effectively. Depending on your treatment area(s) size, the treatment may take anywhere between 10 to 60 minutes. 


Depending on the patient, hair could take 1 to 2 weeks to fall away, but we always recommend multiple treatments to continue with the hair loss. Most of our patients receive 4 to 8 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for the best results! 


Laser hair removal reduces a large amount of hair growth, typically 80 to 90% of hair within a treatment area. You can make your results permanent if you have touch-up sessions as needed. Patients are highly satisfied with the dramatic difference in their amount of hair!  

Best treatments to pair with laser hair removal

Looking for other body treatments to help you feel confident in your skin? Below are some of our most popular body services!


Sclerotherapy eliminates those small, thread-like veins in a quick 30-minute process. By injecting a solution directly into the skin, sclerotherapy destroys unwanted red, blue, and purple shades that come with spider and smaller varicose veins. This reveals smooth, even skin . 


Exercises that target the abdomen and buttocks work by repeatedly contracting the muscles to increase their strength and size. Emsculpt uses the same principles to trigger muscle contractions up to 20,000 times in a single session. Emsculpt Neo is the brand new version with an added RF component to burn fat—resulting in 30% less fat!

patient receiving Emsculpt treatments after laser hair removal in Bentonville


Emtone™ is the first and only device that treats all major contributing causes of cellulite. This non-invasive treatment produces both radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. When combined, these energies create a symbiotic effect that neither technology can complete on its own to reduce cellulite!


BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that reshapes, tightens, and lifts without the cutting and downtime of plastic surgery. The outcome is comparable to surgery, without big scars or prolonged recovery time.

Legend Pro™

Through innovative radiofrequency (RF) technology, our Legend Pro treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production to give you firm, youthful skin. This unique laser skin tightening and rejuvenating treatment creates microchannels in the skin, which jumpstart the body’s natural healing process for a refreshed look.

Get the best laser hair removal near Bentonville at Renew Aesthetics.

For many, smooth skin is an extra boost of confidence. Our team of providers understands that unwanted body hair can affect how you feel. With our individualized treatment plans, one-on-one consultations, and superior care, you and your skin are our top priority. Our experienced, knowledgeable providers will find the best treatment for clients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including:

  • Rogers
  • Springdale
  • Bentonville
  • Fayetteville
  • And more!

Book a skin consultation with one of our specialists to learn more about treatment options. We treat every patient individually, with customized treatment plans tailored to your personal needs and goals. 

Contact us online or by phone at 479.668.0168 to learn more about our skin services at Renew Aesthetics. 

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