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Cellulite Treatment in Rogers


The Cellulite Revolution

Let’s Talk About Cellulite

Because looking good in every lighting situation would be too darn easy. For so long, little was known about cellulite. There was no real treatment for it and many women silently hated the way they looked. But now there’s a way to treat it. Yes, you read that right! There is a TREATMENT for cellulite. And we have it.


So, what the heck is cellulite anyway?

Cellulite, besides being a nuisance that has likely plagued you since you had braces and were attending prom, is quite common and entirely a cosmetic issue. It typically affects the skin of the legs, hips, stomach, and buttocks. The condition causes dimpled, lumpy skin thought to be caused by malfunctioning connective tissue. This faulty tissue allows fat to poke through the layers of skin. Women are much more likely to develop cellulite (lucky us!) because of the vertical alignment of our connective tissue. Men have been blessed with connective tissue that’s in a crisscross alignment, which is less likely to malfunction. Medical News Today states that between 80 and 90 percent of women will likely experience cellulite at some point in their lives. Dr. Haney has been wanting to offer a high quality cellulite treatment in Rogers since Renew Aesthetics was established, but the technology previously just wasn’t available.


There are different levels of severity when it comes to cellulite presentation. Essentially, the 3 grades of cellulite presentation range from the mildest form, Grade 1, to the most severe form, Grade 3. There are many factors that play into cellulite development. These factors include, hormonal factors, age, genetic factors, dietary, and lifestyle factors.


Why do I have it?

Ah, yes, the burning question that re-emerges every time you look in the mirror. Even if you are in the best shape of your life, there is a good chance that you are very aware whenever the phone cameras come out at pool parties. If the lighting or angle is even slightly off, all of the sudden you look like you’ve aged 10 years and gained 30 pounds. Thank the Good Lord for the “review photos you have been tagged in” option on social media, am I right?


As far as cellulite is concerned, there are many factors that come into play in its development. There is a hormonal component to cellulite development. Estrogen, prolactin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and insulin all play a part in the production of cellulite. Along the same lines, age increases cellulite development. Age, as I’m sure you know, causes the skin to become thinner, less elastic, and saggy. These changes combined with the natural tendency toward poorer circulation with age accumulate to worsen the appearance of cellulite.


Additionally, genetics (what I like to think of as nature’s Russian roulette) also play a part in cellulite development by influencing metabolism, fat distribution, ethnicity, and blood circulation levels. These are all factors that directly influence whether or not you will develop cellulite, and the severity of it if you do develop it. Yay, genetics!


And lastly, rather unsurprisingly, dietary and lifestyle factors play a big part in cellulite development. Diets with too much fat, too many carbs, too little fiber, or too much salt have been seen to contribute to cellulite development. Smokers, those who sit or stand for long periods of time, and those who do not exercise are also more likely to develop cellulite. Interestingly, wearing tight elastic clothing across the buttocks can contribute to the formation of cellulite by limiting blood flow (goodbye Lulu leggings!).


Cellulite development, like many things in life, essentially seems inevitable. If only there was an effective cellulite treatment in Rogers….


What can I do about it?

There are a few lifestyle changes that have been found to decrease the development of cellulite. These include low fat diets, exercise, and smoking cessation. However, as far as treatment is concerned, traditionally there have been very few lasting options. But do not fret! First, because frown lines are not cute. Second, do you really think I would have led you this far only to tell you that there’s no hope? No way.


Allow me to introduce you to our newest obsession, BTL’s Emtone in Rogers. Emtone is the youngest sister in a fabulous family of BTL products, which are practically the Kardashian family for aesthetic services. Emtone combines radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy to reduce cellulite. The radiofrequency energy warms the skin to about 110 degrees. This temperature causes the collagen in your skin to undergo structural changes to tighten the fibers and stimulate new collagen production. Emtone also emits acoustic waves that stimulate increased circulation and decrease fluid collection, which essentially smooths out the dimples of cellulite. Then, the new collagen continues to tighten and even out over the next few weeks and months.


A whopping 89% of people on Realself.com say that Emtone is worth it, which in the aesthetic world is incredible! Cellulite treatment in Rogers may be one of the only good things to come out of the year 2020.


Walk me through the process.

The whole process is painless, doesn’t require any sort of anesthetic, and each session only takes about 10-15 minutes per treatment area. First, one of our trained providers will ensure that the radiofrequency energy is able to be delivered safely. Then, you will lie down and relax while moisturizing conductive lotion is applied and the Emtone handpiece is guided over your skin. The handpiece generates intense mechanical vibrations and will cause your skin to feel warm, but this process is not uncomfortable.


Your skin will likely appear pink and warm for a few hours afterward, but you will be able to immediately resume your normal activities. This treatment can be used anywhere on the body. For optimal results, we recommend anywhere from 4-6 treatments once per week. Full results should be evident 12 weeks after your final session.



If you would like to kick your cellulite to the curb and try Emtone, call or text Renew Aesthetics at (479) 802-6229. Our team serves patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, and beyond. Visit our website renewaesthetics.com to see all of our med spa and aesthetic services or for more information. We look forward to curating your personalized aesthetic experience.



Kathryn Cullum






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